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About ASYA

ASYA lighting was established in 1992. We specialize in the manufacturing of interior, exterior, garden and faced lighting fixtures.The lighting fixtures with ASYA trademark are a combination of innovative technology, perfect design and high quality which makes them suitable for every architectural project. We use natural and long-lasting materials such as steel, wrought iron, wood, textile, crystals and glass. ASYA lighting products are also characterized by the individual look of the glass in many of our models.

The lampshades of our lighting products are made by using furnaces for curving, extending and processing of different kinds of glass. Thus the company can satisfy the most fastidious desires of our clients. All of ASYA lighting products are individually packed, suitable for transportation. We also provide additional services like delivery and assembly on spot if our clients require it. The company’s capacity is large enough to satisfy the needs of the local and European markets.

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